Equipment Needed

The follow equipment is required to play girls youth lacrosse:

  • Lacrosse Stick (girls)
  • Goggles
  • Mouth Guard
  • *Optional: Girls Lacrosse Helmet
  • * Optional: Gloves

How to Pick a Good Head and String

  • Girls' sticks and heads are not the same as boys!  Sticks and stringing are both regulated by different rules.  Buy a girl's.  
  • The head sidewalls should be low relative to the top of the head and throat for optimal cradling (called offset). A side view of a stick  head that looks flat will not have this attribute.  It should drop down from the throat and rise up at the crown.
  • The head shape should be wide on top for scooping, but narrower at throat for cradling. (Upside down pear.)  
  • The head crown, when observed from the top, should be more curved than flat for passing and catching (although too much can make scooping difficult for beginners).
  • We used to say don't sweat the stringing , but in 2018 stringing rules and technologies have changed.    Our recent experience shows mesh stringing to be far superior to traditional stringing .
    • Mesh stringing is used in the center of the head in varying widths.  (The mesh is similar to what is used by boys. )  It is still attached to the sidewalls and stringers are still used.  Mesh increases control and makes cradling easier.
    • Traditional has 4-5 vertical strings of various materials.  The 2 center verticals should be the loosest.  The ones along the side should be tighter to form a channel.  There are numerous configurations for horizontal strings.  Use square knots.  The main key is that a legal pocket can be formed.  If there is extra string that hangs down onto your stick cut it back leaving enough to tie and untie the strings if needed.
  • A legally strung pocket will allow the ball to roll freely from top to bottom of the head, but the ball should still have a resting spot (aka pocket).  It is just under the horizontal strings, not down between the throat sidewalls.  UNLIKE Boys' sticks, the ball must be even with or visible just ABOVE the sidewall when dropped into the pocket and slight pressure is applied.
  • In girls lacrosse all sticks are checked before every game because pockets stretch over time.  We will teach you how to adjust the strings before each game.  Keep only enough string to allow you to retie square knots as necessary.   
  • Later in the game, when you play a more specific role, you may want a different head.  (ex if you do draws)  You can always replace the stick or the head independently.

How to Pick a Good Stick

  • The head is more important than the stick for girls!  If in doubt when buying a set, buy for the head and not the stick.    (However, you may never need to replace your stick.)
  • Stick length rules specify a total (Stick w/ Butt & Head) length of 90-110 cm or you can use 36"-43" safely.  So a stick can be cut down if a girl is small, but ASK A COACH before doing this!!  A common rule of thumb is to have your daughter hold her stick about 3 fists down from the head.  Then have her hold her arm out straight and rotate her wrist so the stick is parallel to her arm. Whatever part of the shaft is sticking out past her armpit, give or take an inch, can be cut down to 36".  This makes a big difference for passing and catching.
  • A girls stick weight should be light.  Girls are less rough on their sticks so durability is less a factor.  Even once they reach the age with stick checking, the checking is primarily done to the head, not the stick.  
  • Girls generally throw slower due to their pocket so stick flex is less a factor.
  • The stick surface is really a matter of personal preference.  For example, some surfaces allow a girl to slide her hand up and down the stick easier, but are often colder to the grip.  This is mainly preference.  
  • You must have a butt on the end to be legal to prevent accidental cuts.

How to Pick Googles

  • Can you see out of it clearly?  
  • Does it stay on?  
  • Is it comfortable?
  • That's it - that's all you need to know.

How to Pick a Mouth Guard

  • Mouth guards CANNOT be clear, white, or have teeth drawn on them.
  • The best safety advice on this comes from you dentist.
  • Many girls say they like Sisu guards for breath ability.

How to Buy a Cleat

Any soccer or lacrosse cleat (boys or girls) will work for girls lacrosse. Fit on a cleat is mostly about personal preference.  Many girls find the medium top cleats protect their ankles.